• Duane

What Matters

Many times, I believe we find ourselves running so quickly that we really become disengaged about what means the most to us. Every day becomes a quest to just get to 5 p.m. (or whatever other measurement we use as the day’s finish line). However, there are those moments that God gives us to pause and focus on what matters most. Many days – many weeks – these moments don’t come as often as what I would like. However, many times, I don’t realize those until I glimpse back in life’s rear-view mirror and notice what could have been.

Of course, at least for a man, many of the times that we “measure up” our life’s focus/focuses are generally appear at predetermined points on a calendar – a birthday, an anniversary, or some other special date on the 365 days around the sun that year. Hey, we men are all about accomplishment, detail and plan – at least until something else might catch our mind’s eye that chases us away from that moment.

However, the past couple of years, I have been very direct and intentional in spending small chunks of time simply contemplating and sensing what matters. What matters for me as a man, a husband, a father, a leader… Lots of things to wrestle with. But here is what I have come up with: What matters most to me may be as fleeting as any other man’s dreams or intentions, but what matters most is the journey that God gives us in discovering the pieces in our lives that resonate to the top of the pile. He wants us to be concerned – particularly for the needs of others. He wants us to be broken – for those that cannot be helped easily. He implores us to peel away the things that keep us from truly seeing those situations and people that are out of our ability to help quickly.

And in moments where I am overcome by the inability to solve this problem or that one, they serve as reminders that it remains such a privilege to find blessing in the struggle of contentment in sensing and seeing God work around us – and joining Him as we run after Him as a small boy does to help his father in the day’s chores.


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