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Waiting and CFA

Who loves to wait? It seems like in the way that the world spins today, nobody looks forward to having to wait for anything. The idea of being patient was completely thrown out the window as we became comfortable with the “www….” for just about everything. However, we use the term “convenience” to package just about everything in life, removing the actual notion of being patient and waiting for something. Everyone is searching for that loophole in most of what we do in life, working to cut a few seconds or minutes off the outcome otherwise.

In fact, I have likely located what I will call the “CFA Duane’s Personal Blessing loophole”: The Chick-fil-A app on my iPhone is the key. When I get to CFA and see the line more than a couple of folks deep, I grab my phone, pull up the app, and key in my order. In about 10 seconds, the order has been sent, and I casually excuse myself – appearing to everyone else in line as being extremely gracious to bow out and allow others to take my spot – and wander over to the “Pick Up Here” sign and wait for my Number 1 meal with a Diet Coke to make its way to me. And if I do it right, I have included in my order one Mayo and one Ketchup packet, so that I don’t have to even glance at the condiment area. My name is called, and I grab the bag – likely blessing myself with a few more seconds to my lunch. Keep in mind that I am still trying to figure out why CFA allows me to do this, as there HAS to be some sort of scripture that I am crossways with – maybe something about the “good Samaritan” or something from Proverbs or something like that…

Well, here we are as we prepare embark on our journey to Uganda – waiting. Lots of stuff to do as we build our Ministry Partner team. But nonetheless, waiting. We have had a number of folks ask us in the past several weeks, “When?”

Our answer: “We don’t really know.”

We have experienced God’s encouragement early on, and have had a number of folks encourage us by joining our team. But, the waiting remains.

I have heard that waiting is actually a good thing. Something that makes the accomplishment or experience even sweeter or more profound than if it was received quickly. As a couple, we have also been praying that God would use this time to draw us close to Him. And as we connect with people about our ministry effort, it has also provided some early encouragement, and deeper resolve in caring for Amani’s kids. Can’t say that we are loving the wait, but working toward accepting it as necessary. One of my longtime friends loved speaking on the principle of Sanctification – a 2 dollar word to grow closer to Christ in all parts of our lives. I believe that this also includes the waiting – part of God’s method to bring us close to Him.

Sarah and I appreciate your prayers, and look forward to God and His timing as we move closer to packing bags and stamping passports in our want to Uganda!


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