Become our Ministry Partner!

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Our family is committing to serve at Forgotten Children Worldwide in Uganda as full-time missionary staff.

We will be stepping away from everything that is familiar, and moving to Uganda as soon as our Ministry Partner team is in place.


These Partners are committed pray for us, and financially.  We will be considered missionary staff – not drawing a salary of any kind from Amani, but relying entirely on our financial support from our Mission Partners.  Partners investing in the hearts and lives of Uganda’s kids – through our family to Forgotten Children Worldwide. 


Will you join us as a Ministry Partner as we take this journey?  We would LOVE to visit with you!


Please contact us at by email, or by calling us at 865/232-6355.

Or ...

If you are ready to join our Ministry Partner team now,

Click Here and you will be connected to our Page on our sending agency's site at Forgotten Children Worldwide.  It's simple - just pick a method. *All gifts are tax-deductible.

We appreciate your heart as you join us on this adventure!  It is absolutely humbling to see God continue His work in engaging us in His ministry to Uganda's kids!