Amani Baby Cottage

In Swahili, “Amani” means “peace”. 


Amani Baby Cottage is  place to provide peace and care for children that need it. 

Amani Baby Cottage was started over 15 years ago by a young lady from Texas that saw a need – and responded to that need by taking a remarkable step.  She gave up all that was comfortable, and moved from her home in Texas to Uganda – to create a place to care for Uganda’s children – those that needed help and hope – a real place of peace.


It started small – with a handful of children, and Danyne and a small staff of Ugandan “mama’s” to care for them.  Over the past 15  years, Amani has grown to where  it now cares for approximately 50 children aging from birth to 5 years old.  Almost 400 children have been provided care through Amani over the years – some for a few months, while others have been a part of Amani for longer times.

To learn more about Amani Baby Cottage, check out their site here.


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